Welcome to Bjärnum´s

Museum of Regional History

Wooden figures tell us the history of civilization

In the foyer of the museum you will see a collection of wooden figures which leads one’s thoughts to “Döderhultaren” (Axel Pettersson from Döderhult in Småland). They are the work of our own “Döderhultare”, Alte Nilsson. Here you will find history and culture carved in wood.  The farmhand spits in his hands before weightlifting, the old woman combs lice out of the old mans hair, and the blacksmith pulls out the poor patient’s aching tooth with a pair of tongs.

Have a look at the 36 chairs round the tables in the foyer. All are made from different kinds of wood from Bjärnum.

For the lover of nature

Culture, yes – but also nature.

In this museum we have taken pains to depict animal and bird life. The collection of birds and mammals is extensive. Here a fox family plays outside its lair, in the grass a deer fawn rests, a mink appears with a newly caught crayfish, and, from a mighty pine top a Golden eagle surveys the landscape. Yes, here you will find examples from the smallest to the biggest species in Swedish fauna.

If you are more interested in hunting and fishing you can go to the museum’s basement where hunting and fishing methods from days gone by are exhibited.

The everyday life of the farmer and clog makers

The majority of objects are exhibited in their working situations. The Swedish farmer’s working day in the 19th century, the cobbler’s workshop with last and pegs, the clog maker, the joiner, the cottages, and last, but not least, the old village school, and printing works with various machines.

Here are some samples of what else you can see:

The medieval church and its objects, amongst other things a unique communion iron from that period.

The discovery from Hagsjö – a pewter jug and metal pot from the 14th - 15th centuries.

Textiles praised by weaving experts.

A collection of wafer irons – unique according to experts.

Mineral collections arranged by an experienced geologist.

Books and art.

Weapons, coins ethnography, and other objects of interest.

Active cultural life

Our museum is not just a presentation of objects. Culture becomes alive. Here we celebrate our National Day and midsummer. People come here to open-air church services, and concerts. Here we celebrate Bjärnum’s own day (Hembygdens dag), and here exhibitions based on a theme are displayed.

Burial places and ”Swearing Holes”

We can also recommend that you take the opportunity to visit some other places of interest in this area:

The 1500 years old burial ground in Mala with stone ships and stone circles

The mysterious ”Swearing holes” in Tofta

Rövarerör, a hill in the village of Matteröd, with a dreadful gory history

The altar table stone in Ekholm, where outlaws once received communion

A manmade cave for draying flax in Hågnarp, the best preserved in Göinge.

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